Moon McMillan

Founder and Creative Director of Young Moviemakers of America


Tell us about yourself: 

My name is Moon McMillan and I am 19 years old 


What do you do?

I am a singer, songwriter, screenplay writer and Founder and Creative Director of the Non-Profit organization, Young Moviemakers of America (YMA).


Why do you do what you do?

I created Y.M.A because I wanted to create a space for kids in my city of Compton, California to tell their stories. It is my goal to expand Y.M.A because I want to continue exposing young students all over the world to the endless amount of opportunities the film industry provides.  


Who are some women that inspire you in your life and work?

Some of my biggest inspirations are woman like Ava DuVernay and Shonda Rhimes. They both have created a space for themselves in the film industry and have helped inspire young women like myself to follow our dreams daily.  


What are you passionate about?

I’m very passionate about spreading a positive message through music and film. I believe art in general is a universal language that speaks to all and has the ability to bring us together as one, while cherishing our differences.


What's the best advice you've received?

The best advice I have ever been given is, and I quote “You should watch that one show Grey’s Anatomy, I think it’s on Netflix.”  This changed my life :) as a writer.

What is your advice girls and women everywhere?

My advice to girls and women everywhere is to do as much as you can in this one lifetime you were granted. Also, never wait for someone to make something happen for you. Make it happen for yourself. 


Are there challenges you've faced specifically because you're a woman / woman of colour? If so how did you overcome them?

I can remember being the only woman of color in a film course I took and how excluded and judged I felt. After constantly enduring judgement from my classmates, I vowed to never let the opinion of others affect who I am as a creator and an artist. I promise to always be transparent and never change my craft because of the judgment of others. 


What is a goal you hope to achieve in the next 5 years?

In five years, I see my film program and my music career expanding. I see Young Moviemaker of America being in over 20 cities and working towards being in more. In addition to living my dream of being a screenwriter and director. 


Moon McMillan

Moon is the founder of Young Moviemakers of America (YMA), a singer, songwriter and screenwriter. She founded Y.M.A to create a space for kids in her city of Compton, California to tell their stories. You can follower her on twitter @moondomination.