Carrie Kessler

CO-Founder of Goal Five

 Founders from L-R: Keely Wachs, Carrie Kessler, Ann Kletz

Founders from L-R: Keely Wachs, Carrie Kessler, Ann Kletz

If you missed the news about the Girl Five Launch and our interview with Gina Lewandowski (Bayern Munich defender and Goal Five Athlete) let us catch you up on Goal Five. One of the primary goals of Like A Girl is to support other women, and in particular business's that support and service other women. Which is why we decided to support Goal Five, a first-of-its-kind apparel brand that has dedicated itself to provide for women's soccer. If you're a woman and you grew up playing soccer, you will know all too well the struggles of trying to find gear, and apparel that suits your specific training needs. Well, Goal Five is here to make our lives a little easier. We chatted with one of the co-founder's Carrie Kessler about why they started Goal Five, the challenges they've faced, and what they hope to achieve.


1. What is Goal Five? 

Goal Five is the female soccer apparel brand. We exist to celebrate the greatness of female soccer players around the world. We craft the highest quality performance and lifestyle soccer gear specifically for women. Five percent of all profits go directly to supporting non-profit organizations, who are helping girls from around the world gain access to the beautiful game. 

2. Why did you start Goal Five? 

We’re a team of life-long soccer players. We started the company to celebrate this amazing game and to provide female players with the gear that they deserve.  We noticed that there was no specific soccer gear for females and that many players were rolling their shorts and shirts to make their gear fit.  It just didn’t seem right.  Here were these amazing players and yet apparel companies weren’t creating gear specifically for them. 
For me personally, the game has taught me how to be strong, confident, resilient, and poised, all qualities that have continually served me well throughout my entire life. I have built a career in the fashion industry and have always wanted to start my own apparel business. Goal Five is the fusion of two of my passions, the sport of soccer and fashion.

3. What is the mission of Goal Five?

Goal Five’s mission is to see her, understand her, push her, and empower her to even the playing field.

4. What does confidence mean to you/Goal Five?

Confidence to me means not letting fear prevent me from living my best life possible. 

5. Who are some women that inspire you in your life and work? 

The two women who inspire me the most are my wife and my daughter. They are two of the strongest and smartest women I know, and I am fortunate enough to learn from them and gain inspiration from them every day. 

 Goal Five Team from L-R: Keely Wachs, Ann Kletz, Carrie Kessler, Lindsey Jones (jumping), Chris Sotelo

Goal Five Team from L-R: Keely Wachs, Ann Kletz, Carrie Kessler, Lindsey Jones (jumping), Chris Sotelo

6. What as a team are you most passionate about? 

The Goal Five team is rooted in the belief that soccer is the greatest sport in the world and that the women’s game is under represented, under celebrated, under paid, and under recognized. We’re passionate about overturning the status quo and actually doing something to address and balance out the inequities in the sport of soccer. 

7. What's the best advice you've received? 

Don’t ever let fear drive your decision making.

8. Are there challenges you've faced specifically because you're making women’s apparel, and apparel for athletes? 

If so how are you overcoming them? The biggest challenge we’ve faced in developing athletic apparel is finding the right manufacturing partners. Our quality standards are extremely high, our designs are complicated, and our fabrications are hand-crafted to specifically meet her needs. Many companies out there use blanks and throw on their logo. As a result, the gear doesn’t actually fit female players. We started from the idea that we wanted to create our own silhouettes specifically for the female body, and cut and sew the highest quality gear for her.  As a result, we needed to identify the right manufacturing partners who understand and translate our unique designs into high quality, great fitting, premium athletic apparel that meets the needs of elite female athletes. 

9. What is your advice for women and girls? 

Your deepest, most inner strength is rooted in your desire, commitment and ability to face your fears and push through them.

10. What are your goals for the next 5 years? 

We hope to continue innovating in the soccer apparel space, inspiring women players with new and exciting gear that matches their greatness. And as we grow, so too will our ability to help more girls from around the world gain access to the beautiful game. 

Disclaimer: All opinions stated above are our own, whilst Like A Girl does accept some paid partnerships, this is not one of them. We are just supporting the work of Goal Five.