What is Like A Girl?

Like A Girl’ is an interview project started by Catherine Grace. Its original focus was on women who are working in the creative industries, however it has expanded into featuring a broader scope of industries. The aim of the project is to inspire other girls to pursue what they love, shine a light on some of the sexism and inequality women face, and to share the stories of some truly kick ass women. In the future Catherine hopes to expand it into an organisation to support women.

When did it begin?

It was started in July 2015.

Who do you talk to?

Like A Girl aims to talk to a diverse range women from a broad scope of industries.

How are the interviews conducted

Depending on schedules, location and preference interviews are either conducted over skype, email, phone or in person.

Why did Like A Girl start?

Like A Girl started because of Catherine’s love for connecting and talking with people, hearing their stories and supporting women. She hopes that in the future Like A Girl can become a platform for collaboration and innovation.