Like A Girl started in the July of 2015 after Catherine interviewed a friend for another project she was working on at the time. Sparked by her love for connecting with people, hearing their stories and supporting women she set out to interview women working in the creative industries. The scope, however, quickly expanded into featuring women from a broader range of industries. Catherine’s hope with the project is that it will inspire other girls to pursue what they love, shine a light on some of the sexism and inequality we face, and to share the stories of some truly kick ass women.


Like A Girl - Catherine

About the founder – Catherine Grace

By day Catherine runs her business Catherine Grace and enjoys wearing many hats as a designer, developer and communications strategist. If she’s not working she can be found chatting with amazing women for the Like A Girl project or spending time with friends.

A note from Catherine

When I posted the first interview in the series I was not expecting much of a response, after all it was only a small passion project. But, people loved it. Since then the positive feedback has been encouraging and heartwarming. I hope that this site can inspire women around the world, and provide a platform for women to connect and collaborate. Lots of love, Catherine.