Highlighting Kick-Ass Women on Twitter - 3x3

Highlighting Kick-Ass Women on Twitter – 3×3

We’re back!! I (Catherine) have been busy behind the scenes of Like A Girl prepping interviews, writing articles and connecting with some incredible women, I am really excited to be sharing some new content with you soon, it’s going to be good!

To start your week up we have a fun listicle Highlighting Kick-Ass Women on Twitter – 3 sets of 3 accounts that you should be following on Twitter.


Axis Film + the Kickstarter

We are a big fan of supporting women creating kick ass content. SO naturally, we are a big fan of Aisha Tyler. Her latest project is a film (Axis) that is going to be predominantly filmed inside a car! A unique project featuring an incredible cast, they have just hit their initial funding goal and are hoping to hit their stretch goal by the end of the week so they can fully produce the film! Go check out the Kickstarter ASAP (there’s only 3 days left!) and then follow them on Twitter to stay updated!!

Pursued by Bear

Highlighting Kick-Ass Women on Twitter - 3x3A podcast from two friends, Diya Mishra and Taylor Brogan. Pursued by Bear is a funny and honest look at breaking into the entertainment industry (and how to survive). The podcast currently alternates between informative episodes about everything entertainment to informational interviews with people who have survived the industry. Whilst it is definitely aimed at those heading into the entertainment industry, there is also some solid life advice scattered throughout the podcast and still worth a listen.

Women in Media

Highlighting Kick-Ass Women on Twitter - 3x3From highlighting women doing awesome things in the entertainment industry to discussions about representation of women. Women in Media helps us keep up to date, and more importantly informed about whats happening for women in the entertainment industry and women in media.


Gina Rodriguez

Highlighting Kick-Ass Women on Twitter - 3x3The star of The CW’s Jane the Virgin, Gina Rodriguez is as heartfelt as she is funny. Always supporting her friends, offering encouragement and making our Twitter timeline just that little bit brighter.

Constance Wu

Highlighting Kick-Ass Women on Twitter - 3x3The star of ABC’s comedy Fresh Off The Boat, Constance Wu’s timeline is as entertaining as it is informative. She frequently shares insightful thoughts on racism in Hollywood (and how we can work to create change) and she is also not afraid to tell it like it is!

Yara Shahidi

Highlighting Kick-Ass Women on Twitter - 3x3The young Black-ish star’s twitter timeline is filled with a myriad of things from her humanitarian efforts, personal updates and encouragement.  She’s also a huge fan of supporting other ladies.

Ladies 02

Sophia Bush

Highlighting Kick-Ass Women on Twitter - 3x3Known for her role as Brooke on One Tree Hill and Erin Lindsay on Chicago PD. Sophia Bush is also an activist, entrepreneur and foodie. Her Twitter timeline is also full of encouragement, behind the scene peaks of what she’s working on and did we mention lots of encouragement?

Alexis Jones

Highlighting Kick-Ass Women on Twitter - 3x3
The founder of I AM THAT GIRL (another organisation that is supporting the ladies) & ProtectHer™. She is currently on a mission to install in young men the importance of treating women with respect. Alexis Jones is also a  film producer, author, activist, and professional inspirer. Go give her a follow.

Joelle Emerson

Highlighting Kick-Ass Women on Twitter - 3x3A former women’s rights lawyer, Joelle Emerson is now the CEO of Paradigm, a company she founded with partner companies to build more diverse organisations. Her timeline is always filled with interesting facts about diversity, how it affects organisations and why it’s such an important topic.

*we take no credit for the gifs, all original sources linked where possible.