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Highlighting Kick-Ass Women on Twitter - 3x3

3 times 3

In celebration of International Womens Day, we bring to you the first instalment in our new series: 3 times 3 – Highlighting Kick-Ass Women on Twitter. Sometimes our Twitter feed can get us down. So,  in an effort to brighten up Twitter timelines we’ve created 3 times 3, each month we’ll bring you 3 groups of three women, organisations, companies or movements. The purpose of 3 times 3 is to highlight different women, companies and or organisations that are active, and worth following on Twitter.


Patti Murin

We’re not joking when we say that Patti Murin is a ray of sunshine on our twitter timeline. Her commentary on the Bachelor(ette) never fails to keep us entertained (even if we don’t watch the show) and she is constantly encouraging and supporting her fellow ladies. It’s so refreshing to see on Twitter. This year she is hosting #PartywithPatti where she is celebrating a designated holiday for each day of the year (who knew there were so many?).  It’s also a great place to hang out if you love photos of cute puppies. In addition to the frequent photos of her own dogs, she also frequently shares photos of adorable puppies up for adoption, see here and here.

Emma Watson

In 2014 Emma Watson made waves with her speech on Women’s Equality at the UN. It was at this event that she also launched HeForShe a campaign for equality. Earlier this year Emma Watson announced that she is taking a year off to work on the HeForShe campaign and further her personal knowledge of feminism by reading books and talking with people. Since the announcement, her timeline has been filled with even more inspiring interviews, anecdotes and news than before. Definitely worth the follow.

Isis Anchalee

Whilst the landscape is definitely changing (for the better) STEM is still dominated by men. So, I’m always interested to hear the perspective of other women on the issues that affect us in STEM and the world. Isis Anchalee is a software engineer who disrupted the world last year with this post. Since then #ILookLikeAnEngineer has become a movement of women disrupting the status quo and encouraging each other. In addition, her writing and musings on everything from STEM to social justice are informative and thought provoking


Just About Write

Our friends over at Just about Write are all about Ladies supporting Ladies, something that is evident in their feed. They provide great coverage and opinion pieces on the latest entertainment news. Their Twitter account is worth following for the hilarious live tweeting (courtesy of their lovely founder Jenn) alone.

The Everygirl

With a host of practical tips and information, The Everygirl has become my go to on all things career, finance, business, and culture. Plus, they have a great website and it was founded by two great women Danielle Moss and Alaina Kaczmarski. What’s not to love?


From the founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso. #girlboss is perfect if we’re in need of some #girlboss inspiration or motivation. If we’ve had a tough day at work you can usually find us on GIRLBOSS site when we get home. It’s a hub of inspiration and encouragement that is definitely worth checking out.

News + Information


HuffPostWomen is The Huffington Posts‘ section dedicated to “what it means to be a woman — and like it”. As you would expect it’s filled with informative news, humour and just a little bit of entertaining snark. For me, it’s the perfect balance of serious and funny.

Women in the World

Women in the World is primarily a summit that “convenes women leaders, activists & change-makers to share stories & offer solutions for a better life for women & girls”. The Women in World twitter shares daily stories about women from all over the world to keep you up to date.

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Started by Amy Poehler herself, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls is encouraging everybody to “Change The World By Being Yourself!”. It is a great place to check out if you’re in need of anything from daily encouragement, inspiring stories, or some helpful news.

We hope you enjoyed this instalment of 3 times 3! Who would you add to that list, we’re always looking for more amazing people to follow on our twitter.